Grindstone creek paddle Hamilton/Burlington/RBG

I’d seen people talking about this paddle so decided to give it a try. With the high water levels you can get up much higher than in the past and right into parts of RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens). There’s an easy place to launch right off 867 Spring Gardens Rd Burlington (roughly speaking). There’s a little parking lot there and a launching dock of sorts. Once in the water you can go due south into Hamilton Harbor or North heading up to RBG. North you can go about 2.5 km up river. I had to get out of the boat a couple of times at the very top and honestly I got only a little bit further so don’t bother. On the way you will need to make your way under some very low bridges and over hanging trees due to the high water levels.

The water is muddy but not too bad. Weeds are also not that bad.

There’s some wild life but honestly I expected more. It is however a very gentle easy paddle. Little to no current so just wind to contend with. I saw no one else on the water in this section and it was on a long weekend. Near the top the creek gets super shallow and narrow making navigating a little tricky.

If your wondering what the walls around part of the creek are this might help out:

By the way I bought a new camera for rowing, a Nikon AW120 waterproof camera

Map of the row

Grindstone hiking trail is also there if you want to go for a hike, but the high water levels have this section closed for now.

But there is also RBG within walking distance and you can get into the Laking lake section of RBG fron the same parking lot. So take along some walking shoes and a good camera!

Time: Up and back down took about 1:32 mins (I added some time to the south bringing it up to 1:50 mins)
Distance: Up and back was about 5.1KMs (with the extra bit I added it brought it up to 6.1KM but you could easily carry on into Hamilton Harbor)
Level Beginner/Easy paddle very little current
Start/End: 867 Spring Gardens Rd Burlington
Kayak Ontarios write up on Grintstone Creek


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